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What Causes Alzheimer’s Disease?

What Causes Alzheimer’s Disease?

Experts are looking at several possible causes for Alzheimer’s disease, and other similar degenerative brain diseases.

Harvard University recently put out a study that shows the link between dementia in general and viral infections, particularly the herpes virus family. According to that study, the brain experiences damage from beta-amyloid production that is triggered to keep the herpes virus from entering it.

Repeated activation of beta-amyloid destroys a significant amount of brain cells, causing loss of cognitive function and memory. This is supported by the observation of large amounts of beta-amyloid in the brains of dementia patients.

Other causes of dementia, in general include, repeated head trauma, as well as lifestyle factors like alcoholism and smoking.

Patients with Alzheimer’s disease require dedicated attention and care, which you or a professional caregiver can provide.

Early-onset symptoms of Alzheimer’s include short-term memory loss. Patients may be unable to remember day-to-day tasks and could become lost while taking a walk in an otherwise familiar neighborhood.

Non-medical care services in Indiana can help you and your loved ones with dementia by providing companionship to ensure that they don’t wander off, and assistance in day-to-day living. They can provide daily reminders for medication, food schedules and, in the case of severe-stage Alzheimer’s, help in toileting, housekeeping and personal hygiene.

Respite care can also help you take a break from the stress or to address important errands. Respite care means that professionals will take the place of a dementia patient’s regular caregiver temporarily until they return to assume the responsibility.

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