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Making Bathing Comfortable for Seniors

Making Bathing Comfortable for Seniors

If you are a caregiver taking care of a senior, you would know that the bathroom is one of the dangerous rooms in the home. According to, one in every three seniors suffers a fall each year, and 80% of these falls happen in the bathroom.

To avoid this, here some tips to making the bathroom experience comfortable for seniors:

  • Add toilet safety rails and non-slip mats.
    Having these in place lets the seniors have something they can hold on to when showering or using the toilet. With mats in place, they’re also less likely to slip and fall when trying to get in and out of the bathtub or shower.
  • Clear the clutter and make things easy to reach.
    Having shelves and counters full of products makes it more likely for one of those products to fall to the floor, causing seniors to lose balance trying to pick them up. Get rid of items that are never used and have the necessities accessible enough that they don’t have to bend or stretch to reach them.
  • Get a walk-in tub and shower bench.
    A walk-in tub makes it easier to get in the tub and not lose balance. A shower bench lets them sit and rest as they shower.
  • Add multiple lights in the bathroom.
    Overhead lights cast strong shadows. Instead, install multiple lights so that the bathroom receives uniform light.

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