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Who We Are

Our home health care agency in Indianapolis, Indiana began in 2019. After many years of working as a social worker, the company founder met many families who struggle to take care of themselves or their relatives who suffer from long term disabilities. This caused the owner to take a deeper look at individuals with chronic illnesses/ailments in the home care industry. She noticed that people were experiencing high rates of elderly abuse, unreliable home care aides, and high employee turnover rates. This was a huge problem for the founder, especially since she has always had a passion for serving and helping others less fortunate. With there being a need for better quality home care aids to alleviate family and patient stress, the founder decided to form Caring Hands and solve these issues with unique programs and processes, such as ensuring customer safety/satisfaction through a wellness check-in policy and caretaker rating/review system, building trust through comprehensive family orientations, educating employees through intensive two-week training programs, encouraging employee satisfaction with monetary bonuses/incentives, and promoting a healthy team environment through team-building activities.

Caring Hands understands that these programs can only be implemented with the highest level of professionalism and setting the standards on how the home care industry operates. We are run by social workers, trust, professionalism, open-door policy, job shadowing, client surveys, family involvement, and initial orientation with the client and relative to learn about who we are, in corporate exercise.

Our MissionStatement

Caring Hands Personal Services LLC upholds that family is the core of everything we do. We believe that building relationships and involving the client’s family is an integral part of their success in gaining and maintaining independence and a healthy lifestyle. Caring hands is committed to excellence, accountability, dependability, and integrity.

Our Vision Statement

Caring Hands strives to be the catalyst that propels the healthcare industry to the highest level of safety, trust, and professionalism with innovative patient care. We also bring a household name that is the leading home care provider in the US for not only those suffering with disabilities, but also employee satisfaction.

For further questions about our company, feel free to send us a message.